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the band in action
The hottest underground band at the moment. Breaking away from the standard musical clichés, boldly fusing the elements and raw energy of NYC, playing almost everything from funk-based hard core to death metal, from classic jazz to rap...A real treat, something to seek your teeth into...The last two available albums are huge!
Heavy Mental Music for the mind
I have coincidentally stumbled upon the name CANDIRIA in one very commercial publication where they have introduced the band as one of the ten best metal acts of 1999. Having no previous knowledge of the band and thus being completely without any sort of preliminary prejudice I have decided to search the web for the name CANDIRIA. Luckily, had all the necessary info for me to get in touch with the band members and even MIA Records. Very nice people in the record label have soon sent me a package containing two albums (CD format). And, then the real journey began...
Well, it is quite hard to put down the first impression. I guess this is the pure sound of  the urban concrete jungle we call life with all its the brutal and harsh reality, the music that reflects all aspects of life. Very intense music, very powerful yet in its essence perfectly balanced. CANDIRIA's main orientation is aggressive and rough hard-core metal with really raspy vocals. However, the music on both albums is being constantly cut short by rapid and unexpected outbursts of ghetto rap with fat bass and smart lyrics, classic jazz with saucy horns and this really strange industrial noises that are, to me, reminiscent of PRAXIS, that weird project on Axiom Records (courtesy of Bill Laswell). All in all, CANDIRIA offers more than you expect, more than words can fully express.
CANDIRIA members are all great musicians well aware of the fact that music is practically without boundaries and limitations. Beyond Reasonable Doubt features Carley Coma (vocalisations), John 'BeBop' LaMacchia (guitars), Eric Matthews (guitar) and Kenneth Schalk (drum set); bass on various songs played either by Eric or Kenneth only Mike Strauber performs on Lost in the Forest.
The latest album, Process of Self.Development, also features a new member, Michael Macivor playing the 5-string fretted and fretless bass. 
Beyond Reasonable Doubt  ( ©TOO DAMN HYPE Records '97 )
Faction / Year One / Lost in the Forest / Paradigm Shift / Tribes / Molecular Dialect / Divided / Mental Politics / Riding the Spiral / Primary Obstacle / Intrusive Statements
Process of Self.Development  ( ©MIA Records '99 )
Three Times Again / Onefourtyeight / Pull / Method of Expression / Temple of Sickness / Mathematics / Work in Progress / Matter.anti.matter / Cleansing / Elevate in Madness / Down to the Last Element / The Process of Self.Development / Leaving the Atmosphere