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the band in contemplation
The band's new demo CD Shadows of the Past is available now. The CD runs approximately 35 minutes with three songs, Shadows of the Past, Ice and Simple Man, and edit versions of two of them. The CD is enhanced with computer data such as pictures, lyrics, useful information and direct link to the band's home page.

DEEP THOUGHT is a five-piece band from Basel, Switzerland, which loves progressive rock and which wants to win a growing number of fans for this bombastic musical style. The band incorporates style elements from the sound of early GENESIS and MARILLION, KANSAS or ARENA who, with their progressive rock music found a big crowd of fans. Although the band is influenced by these bands, they exclusively record and perform their own material (no cover-songs) and, just like the above-mentioned bands, DEEP THOUGHT play their songs in their own, unique style. The aim of the band is to play sophisticated music, in which all instruments have their crucial share of the sound and therefore cannot simply be replaced by, for example, a drum computer. Thus, varied and meaningful songs are created which may just as well be a little longer sometimes than the listeners are used to from radio play. The band consists of the following members: Martin Altenbach on drums, Patrick Merz on vocals, Marcel Oehler on guitar, Dominik Pfleghaar on keyboards and Dominik Rudmann on bass. This line-up plays together since March 1998 and after several gigs have turned into a well-oiled team. The set consists of 2 hours of powerful progressive rock. The band sees itself as a live-band rather than a studio band, since the show is more awe-inspiring with the live ambience and the cheering crowd. Additional effects like Fog or multimedia lightshow further enhance the spectacle. However, the quality of the music stays always the main focus of the show.


- 06/93 Marcel Oehler (guit) and Domink Pfleghaar (keyb) get to know each other by an ad in a music magazine and start composing some songs together.
- 04/95 After a short period with another drummer in '94, Beat Hagman joins the band on drums.
- 06/95 Raphael Schefold (bass) joins the band. The band calls itself Deep Thought from now on.
- 12/95 First mini-gig at a private party
- 04/96 Hanspeter Olloz (voc) joins the band. Some lyrics are created and added to the music.
- 12/96 The first demo tape gets recorded. Raphael Schefold (bass) leaves the band.
- 04/97 Beat Hagmann (drums) and Hanspeter Olloz (voc) leave the band.
- 05/97 Dominik Rudmann (bass) joins the band.
- 06/97 Martin Bammerlin (drums) from the locally well-known progressive rock band SAPPHIRE is temporarily "borrowed" until a new drummer is found.
- 08/97 Martin Altenbach (drums) becomes the definite drummer of the band. A second demo tape is recorded.
- 03/98 Pat Merz (voc) joins and completes the band.
- 08/98 Recording of the first Demo CD with vocals in the current line-up. First public gig at the "Youth culture days" in Reinach near Basel.
- 1999 Several concerts in and around Basel
- 04/99-09/99 New songs for the second Demo CD are digitally recorded on improved 24-Track studio equipment in their own studio.