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DWELL Records
PO Box 39439
Los Angeles
California 90039, USA
DWELL Records upcoming tributes include: VENOM, MORBID ANGEL, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, METALLICA 2, SCORPIONS, TWISTED SISTER, W.A.S.P., CANNIBAL CORPSE. The cost of the disc is $16 + pp. For all additional information contact the label.
TRIBUTE TO AC/DC: For Those About To Rot   ( ęDWELL Records 2000 )
This tribute album features 11 metal bands from around the world, and they will rock you with their versions of AC/DC hit songs. All the bands have much more power than AC/DC, the band whose songs they cover with power and dedication. Most of the bands have a 90's feel to the music they create and I believe this is a great way to present one of the legends of heavy metal to the new generations of heavy metal fans. The production on the CD is simply amazing and the covert art is also very good with photos and contact addresses of the featured bands. My personal favourites on this compilation are ENERTIA, powerful metal band from New York, California-based metallers DEMENTIA, Germans WASTELAND, ASSISTING SORROW, US band from Kentucky, and Canadians LESSER KNOWN. All in all, a tribute fit for the new generation.