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Prepare Your Spirit
( ©MESMOBEAT 2000 )

the dance and beat and groove and energy and...

CD1:   Hallucinate  5:38  Fudge  5:37  Worm-Lips  6:14  Instinct  5:57  Eat Static  7:14
Destiny  6:27  Raga  5:36  The Plot*   5:35  Kinesis*  7:45
CD2:   Almost Human  5:32  Om Machine  6:48  Cyber-Funk  3:58  The Watcher  6:59  Higher State  4:04
Woman Is Life  5:43  Medicine Wheel  6:58  The Fourth Dimension  6:30 
Humm II*  6:29  The Element...*  8:07
* - new track!
Energising, mesmerising, revitalising, surprising, beyond everything what you have heard so far.
EAT STATIC are two original members of OZRIC TENTACLES, one is Joie Hinton, the magical persona behind all the traditional synthy bubbles and textures that are forever imprinted on albums and thusly in the minds, and memory chips of musical connoisseurs while the other guy is Merv Peppler, the accomplished drummer responsible for all that extra groove and exotic percussion flavours. The music is a heavy mixture of these two components, the sound crammed with incredible sounds coming from keyboards, synths, generators and all other paraphernalia Joie and Merv have perfected throughout the years of OZRIC TENTACLES, and if that is not enough, pumped in is the fuel, the high-octane beat dosage with unbelievable bass lines, tricky drum beats, crazy loops and various samples from the music of the world. And the best part is that it doesn't sound complicated when you put in your CD player. No, it is happy, powerful, energetic techno music that makes you move and groove.
Hit the dance floor!