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presents the Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx
( ©HOLLYWOOD Records 2000 )

the familyhood nextperience

Shakey Ground   3:43  The Suffering   5:16  Where'd You Get Those Pants   3:44  Everybody Is a Star   3:51 
One Planet People   5:15  Just Allow   3:29  Aids & Armageddon   5:57  It All Kept Startin' Over Again    5:58
Dear God   3:46  Karma Tsunami   3:56
A have been a fan of this great band for a really long time. It is great pleasure to finally announce a new album. Four long years have passed since the band's latest release Chim Chim's Badass Revenge ( ©ROWDY Records '96 ). I do not even won't to tell you to what extent I had to go to get that particular album. If not for a friend in Florida, I might have never heard the craziest, baddest and utterly psycho album of the nineties. Well, let's leave the past behind for some other opportunity.
The album has quite a promising title, however, it is misleading as the album is far from that. It is the band's most sober, focused album in a long time adorned with great production; a really feel-good funk-ska with just a couple of classic psychotic interludes. The album features three new members which fit nicely into the band: Spacey-T on guitars, John McKnight on keyboards and horns, and John Steward on drums. Plus there's a multitude of special guests.
The cd cover of the previous album:
 the BADDEST and NUTTIEST album