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FRONTIERS Records s.r.l.
Via G. Gonzaga 18
80125 Napoli
phone: +39 (081) 2399 340
fax: +39 (081) 2399 794
Here are some new albums available through the label. Reviews follow shortly.
JORN: Starfire   ( ©NOW&THEN Productions 2000)   date of release: 28/08/2000
HEAVEN'S FIRE: The Outside   ( ©NOW&THEN Productions 2000)   date of release: 18/09/2000
VOODOO HILL: Voodoo Hill   ( ©FRONTIERS Records 2000)   date of release: 18/09/2000
The reviews so far.
LOST WEEKEND: Presence Of Mind   ( ©FRONTIERS Records 2000 )
Another great AOR band which hails from England. The band plays very cheerful AOR with really great sound and with lots of harmonies in combination with
perfect vocals of Paul Uttley. Guitars and keyboards are also very good and extremely well produced. I believe that LOST WEEKEND are one of the leading
bands in the UK AOR scene. In addition to that, I must mention that all the band members are well known musicians from their previous engagement in the UK underground scene in the 80's. On this band's second CD one can hear a few really outstanding AOR tracks like I Need You, Slipping Through My Hands, Kiss From The Heart, The Moment So Long and In Time. Believe me, all you AOR fans, that LOST WEEKEND is a really good AOR band and that you should buy this album
MELODICA: Long Way From Home   ( ©FRONTIERS Records 2000 )
This is first-class AOR music. The really great vocalist Ted Poley is well-known from his former bands, DANGER DANGER, where he appears on the first two albums, and from the band BONE MACHINE where he appears on three albums. Songs on the album are very well produced and have a strong 80's AOR feel to them. When listening to MELODICA I almost feel like I am back in the 80's when AOR ruled the radio waves, MTV and big arenas. All the songs are great and I think this is first-class AOR band. Without any doubt, I strongly recommend this album to all the fans of good AOR music. For me, the best songs on this album are Forget About You, Long Way Home, Sleeping With The Enemy ( this one is really the best! ), a great ballad Take Me Away and superb A Long Time Ago. All in all, perfect production, perfect vocals and guitars ( Gerhard Pichler from TANGERINE DREAM ). A Long Time Ago is a great instrumental song and Gerhard really knows what melodic AOR is all about. Also, this is one of the better instrumental songs I have heard recently, a very passionate instrumental with melodic up-tempo. Great work guys! And here's a bit more information regarding the band. MELODICA will release the newest album at the beginning of 2001 and I hope it will be in the same style as this one.
TEN: Babylon   ( ©FRONTIERS Records 2000 )
Babylon is already the band's fifth long-play studio album after a series of really good albums created in the past. This particular album is based on a concept of the futuristic story of a solitary, yet very talented, computer programmer Lex Bader. An important fact is that the keyboards are played by Don Airey ( ex- RAINBOW, OZZY, WHITESNAKE and GARY MOORE ) who is a real killer. For me, this is definitely the best album from this English band which is very
popular on the AOR scene. Pure AOR with great keyboard passages, very talented guitars of Vinny Burns and John Halliwell that will simply blow your speakers plus the superb vocals of Gary Hughes. The album contains some great songs like The Stranger, Barricade, The Heat and perfect RAINBOW influenced song Timeless, surely the best song on the album. Another distinct song is Thunder In Heaven which is pure RAINBOW/GARY MOORE/DARE influenced song with amazing vocals, mystical atmosphere and perfect guitars. The last song on the album is Valentine, a beautiful ballad. With TEN, the English scene is even stronger now and Babylon is a future classic!
UNION: Vol. III   ( ©FRONTIERS Records 2000 )
This is a double-CD compilation release which features more than 30 AOR bands. It is a perfect release for promotion of AOR which is nowadays strong like in the golden era, the 80's. The best bands on this release are: STREET LEGAL, PHOENIX DOWN, TEER, KELLY KEAGY, MILLENNIUM, MELODICA, TEN, LOST WEEKEND, JEFF WATSON, JORN and many more. I especially recommend you to buy the full-length albums of the following presented bands: STREET LEGAL, JORN and KELLY KEAGY. The double-CD is fit for radio air-play or TV airing. Compliments to the label for this grandiose release. More info available on the label's website. Welcome to the world of AOR.