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many members of the psychedelic band
The Hungarian scene is out there and the first band that I present to you is KORAI ÍRÍM. A psychedelic, ambiental and instrumental progressive rock with lengthy compositions and a myriad of influences ranging from Balkan folklore, UK scene with SHIP OF FOOLS and OZRIC TENTACLES, African percussions, oriental mysticism and more.
They have released three albums so far. Oddly enough, the albums have not titles, songs have no names, the only ID is the year of the actual release.
This album dates back to 1995, if I am correct. It features eight songs. The opener is a subtle and soothing watery journey with a steady drum pattern, really cool guitar and refreshing melody. A lengthy piece of music almost ten minutes long it does not lose its structural integrity and remains firmly rooted in the ambient it creates. The song number 2 is still somewhat slow-paced yet its beat is more ethnic and little more energetic with interesting guitar solo. I must point out that the band on the albums is comprised of twelve (12!) musicians so there is a whole lot of music in there. Lots of keyboards, percussion and miscellaneous.
Another lengthy composition is the song number 3 which is one of my favourites. It begins with a haunting guitar melody, and is soon joined by an odd-time drum beat and flowing bass. Production is superb, everything is audible, all those percussion in the background, all the keyboard fills. Definitely one of the better songs. The song number 4 is alive and bursting with raw power. Heavy metal guitars, rhythm section builds a powerful beat around the background that is filled with Buddhist monks' chant, aboriginal didgeridoos and a central melody that is more than reminiscent of ROLLING STONES' Paint It Black. Weird.
Number 5 is yet another lengthy piece that is percussion based and is seductive rhythms remind me of Africa and Native America. There are Buddhist monks and didgeridoos on this one, too. Song number 6 is another really long composition (15 minutes) is a definite favourite of mine. It is spacey and stoned. This is in the vein of OZRIC TENTACLES, no doubt about it! The guitars are really haunting and the slowly changing beat has an odd-time signature. Bass supports keyboards that are more than just sprinkling, sparkling, bubbling, and cascading. The main guitar chord is strange, it fuses ethnic and rock. Soundscape is filled various sounds like Jew's harp, Tuva throat singing...ethnic stuff, I tell you. Number 7 is weird. Plain weird. The closing song is also the longest one, almost 20 minutes long! It is everything I have already written. It is hard rock, slow-paced power that builds up like a cataclysm, an orgasmic experience. Check it out!