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Presenting Philadelphia Phunk Stars
Quick Sneak Preview
Most music historians say that when disco was born, funk died. A new Philly-based band is proving them wrong while blending hip-hop lyrics, funked-out musical jams and more than a touch of jazz to formulate a fresh-sounding twist on a favourite old sound. Singer and founding member KRO says that the band is dedicated to bringing funk back into the American music scene. "In countries all around the world, funk is the most popular form of music going," KRO says. "All those people are on to something. Funk is the purest music out there. It's raw, it's dirty and, most of all, it's interesting."
KRO's lyrics complement the band's diverse musical styles. His lyrics span every topic imaginable. Listeners will hear rants on everything from phony people, to comic books, to whether Estee Lauder or the devil would win a department store battle. THE HOUSE BAND's music is just as imaginative as KRO's lyrics. The band members are comfortable playing long, jazz-funk jams, or crunchy death metal guitar riffs. They often switch musical styles mid-songs, so listeners will often find an odd, but interesting, break within the same piece. The band is comprised of KRO on vocals and percussion, Madd Ruckus on bass, Fingers of Chaos on guitar, and Nihilizm on drums. The live music aspect is something that sets them apart from pure hip-hop groups, which usually use recorded samples and music, even during live shows. "We want to give people a good live show," says bassist Madd Ruckus, "and playing real instruments is an important part of our sound."
The band is also unique in its costuming. Paying homage to JAMES BROWN, P-FUNKADELIC and other funk pioneers who placed almost as much emphasis on visuals as they did on sound, KRO has worn everything from a yellow zoot suit to a football uniform on stage. Other band members are as likely to turn up in a camouflage gear, loud polyester jackets and plain pack suits. "We have fun making music, and we want people to have fun watching us," he says. "We don't care if we look goofy. All we care about is having a good time and making sure our fans have a good time, too."
The band has been together since January 1997, and encompasses members of other popular local bands, FLUBLUNK and KENSINGTON. The band frequently performs live in the Philly area. In addition to their live shows, the band has already cut a full length album, Lyric Apocalypse Meets the Footstomping Bootyfest, which has received world-wide critical acclaim for its smart lyrics and catchy beats. Another album is already in the works.
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