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Secrets of Astrology
( ©LIMB Music Products 2000 )
Released on: 24/7/2000
learn the secrets of astrology
Astrology Prelude  3:59  Secrets of Astrology 8:33  Alexandria  5:16  Raining  6:17  The Bell  5:16 
Speed of Sound 5:24 Under the Sun  4:43  Tarot  4:47  Asherah  6:52  Guardian Angel  6:41 
Long Winter Dreams  5:51  Astrology Postlude  3:31 Rhapsody*   5:25
*Bonus Track
The latest album release from Lana Lane is her number five and another fine piece of music from this accomplished artist and a true musical visionary. Blending musical genres that seem outdated at the first glance has never been an easy task yet Lana and her group seem to capture the essence of both sympho rock and progressive metal. The excellent production on this album is handled by Erik Norlander, a figure that is well-known in the progressive music. The line-up is pretty much the same as on the previous album with Arjen Lucassen and David Victor on guitars, Tony Franklin on bass, and Ed Warby on drums. Lana utilises lead and backing vocals while Erik plays Hammond organ, Mellotron, piano, Rhodes, Minimoog, synthesisers and percussion.
Secrets of Astrology is quite lengthy musical statement, more than seventy minutes of music, with the opening instrumental track Astrology Prelude that somehow portrays the rough outline of the album. And that is based around innovative and playful keyboards, tight and hard rocking rhythm section that never falters, heavy lead and rhythm guitars, and the unmistakable ethereal vocal melodies courtesy of Lana. This formula works best in the title track, Secrets of Astrology, and songs like Raining, Speed of Sound, Tarot, Long Winter Dreams. In addition, there are also more mellow-type, balladesque songs like Alexandria, The Bell, Under the Sun. As the songs vary from one another and the entire album has structural integrity with an obvious well-plotted script, this produces an effect of longevity, something that is quite hard to achieve.
Lana has once again proved that women are serious contenders to the throne of progressive, heavy or music of any kind. Both thumbs up!!!
The previous albums:
Garden of the Moon  ( ©ANGULAR Records/LIMB Music Publishing '98 )
Queen of the Ocean  ( ©ANGULAR Records/LIMB Music Publishing '99 )
Both albums are a fine display of symphonic progressive art rock and metal combining different arrangements with clear hooks and melodic vocals of a lady. Lana's typical trademark is her soaring vocal. Her style fuses technique with passion resulting in a unique voice that reflects her love for melodic rock music. Queen of the Ocean is Lana's already fourth album and many things have matured. Production is getting better and better, songs are really well written and performed in a professional manner plus the guest appearances are also improving. This time it is Tony Franklin, of BLUE MURDER fame, on bass. Plus, there is a cover version of the VAIN song, Without You. All in all, the music of LANA LANE is very diverse and on the thin edge between the mainstream and underground. Try it, you might find it captivating.