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t h e  N e w s
!!! HOT   HOT   HOT !!!
ENCHANT are preparing to release their new album, fourth in a row, the long-awaited follow-up to highly acclaimed Break. The new album which has an enigmatic title, Juggling 9 or Dropping 10 is scheduled for the release on Monday, 25th of September. Apparently, the production is in the hands of Douglas Ott. I am sure we are in for a real special treat!
OZRIC TENTACLES' new album, The Hidden Step, will be available in late September in the US, and at the beginning of October in Europe. Can't wait!
KORAI ÖRÖM have performed live in Ljubljana on 16th of August at the annual TRNFEST. A great concert, a nice experience, I just hope this isn't my only psychedelic trip this year...meaning that I still have to see OZRIC TENTACLES live. Well, the Hungarians are well-equipped with twelve members (!) and a dose of trance-like tribal compositions that ease the soul and soothe the brain.
JULY 2000
DREAM THEATER's concert here in Ljubljana was a great disappointment for me. As I wave goodbye to the image of this once-great band, the image that I have created back in 1988 and nurtured throughout the years, I also officially denounce my loyalty! Sad, and to think this is the same band who, in 1988, shook the underground with their debut master-piece and reshaped my perception of music...Sad, sad, sad...I seldom let my subjectivity get me but I will say it now: it is painfully clear that James LaBrie is the crappiest vocalist on this planet. My, I have never, never, heard such miserable vocal delivery. It ruined everything, well, the remainder of the already lousy evening. And, to Petrucci: get a hair-cut and grow up! Enough with the shredding already!!! Just listen to what Mike Portnoy is doing in, that's music.
OZRIC TENTACLES have recorded and mixed a brand new album! The album will hit the stores world-wide in September. Ed Wynne says it is a great album and is eager to put it out. This comes after their break-up with SNAPPER Records who have, at least according to the info that I've got, ripped them off pretty good. If I am correct the band has lost the ownership to the entire back-catalogue. Also, the aforementioned record company has recently released the so-called new album by the name Swirly Termination. The band doesn't support the new album and states it is only a contractual obligation for them. Well, the fans beg to differ. Some will buy the album with just an ounce of dilemma whether they should give money to the crooked label, and some are damn opposed to the whole idea of buying the music of their favourite band from such ravenous people claiming it is bad karma! If I get my hands on it, I will buy it. It is up to the band to settle the score with SNAPPER Records. Music always comes first. I wonder why haven't they signed to INSIDEOUT Music in the first place? It is a professional, honest and enthusiastic label that would surely give 100% support to the band of such renowned prestige.
SPOCK'S BEARD are currently working on their newest album, V. The album will be released on 28th of August, on INSIDEOUT Music. Plus, I have found out that progressive rockers ENCHANT are also working on their new album which should see the light of day in Fall. Cool stuff!
In support of their latest release, DREAM THEATER are scheduled to play here in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 18th of July. The venue is the famous open summer theatre KRIZANKE where they will undoubtedly enjoy the cool atmosphere and the unique setting. The band's arrival will certainly fulfil every prog-metal fan's dream of seeing this legendary band live, in his/her own town. I hear that the support band is SPOCK'S BEARD but will have to check this with the proper authorities. Promising!
P.S.: The latest info. I have learned from a very reliable source that the above rumour is false and SPOCK'S BEARD isn't the support act of that particular concert.
JUNE ( and prior to that )
On 23rd of June, KING'S X have played their second concert in Slovenia, in a smaller venue. I hear it was a blast with really good performance. A week previous to this concert, a rumour had been spreading that a support band might be FATES WARNING. Duh! Not likely. Anyhow, it has turned out that a local group called ALTERRA opened the concert. So much for the rumours.
Progressive legends FATES WARNING have a new album out now, Deconstruction. The review will be done as soon as I get the CD.
Ron Jarzombek is still busy working on his second album with SPASTIC INK. The album entitled Ink Compatible will The line-up for the CD will hopefully/possibly be: Jason McMaster ( vocals ), Ron Jarzombek ( guitars ), Steve DiGiorgio and Sean Malone ( bass ), Bobby Jarzombek, Asgeir Mickelson, Richard Christy and Wayne Wilburn ( drums ). Plus, guest musicians: Pete Perez from RIOT, Doug Keyser of WATCHTOWER fame, Jimmy Pitts of SCHOLOMANCE, Ray Reineau of ROB HALFORD, David Bagsby, and probably more to come... For more information check his cool website at this address: Be sure to check the links at that page.
The fighter Chuck Shuldiner has beaten the ailment but has to pay the costs of medical treatment which are huge. All this couldn't stop the making of a new CONTROL DENIED record. Same line-up, same expectations, the album will undoubtedly prove once again that metal is alive and kicking.
Legendary funk-rock-ska-core nutters FISHBONE return after more than four years of absence with a new album The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx. A promising title, however, it is misleading as the album is far from that. It is the band's most sober, focused album in a long time, very well produced; it is a really feel-good funk-ska with no psychotic interludes as the band's previous album, Chim Chim's Badass Revenge ( though my favourite record ). Featuring three new members and special guests such RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, NO DOUBT, and legendary appearances of George Clinton, Perry Farrell and Rick James. A must for fans, and a really cool refreshment for this hot summer. Out on HOLLYWOOD Records, in Europe on EDEL Gmbh. Check out the link on main screen for a more in-depth coverage.
IRON MAIDEN return with Adrian Smith and a new album, Brave New World. Most of what I've heard from the people are mixed feeling about this one.
Not so long ago, drummer extraordinaré and the founding member of MEGADETH and, later on in career his own band FATAL OPERA, Gar Samuelson has passed away. Sad. He will be forever engraved in our hearts.
Marty Friedman quits MEGADETH to pursue his solo career. Good for him! I certainly hope he continues where he left and tries to make more of that ambiental sound.
Legendary progressive metal pioneers DREAM THEATER return with a new album, Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory. After the departure of founding member, keyboard player Kevin Moore who is responsible for doing dark and weird CHROMA KEY (on MASSACRE Records), the new dirge master is Jordan Rudess who has previously appeared on LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT projects. On this album, DREAM THEATER are back in full swing with all the chops and high-class virtuoso bravado we are all accustomed to. Produced by drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci. The band hasn't sounded so good in years, not since Images and Words.
MAGNA CARTA Records has released a new LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT CD. The second one consists of the same line-up: DREAM THEATER's axe-man John Petrucci and skin-basher Michael Portnoy with Tony Levin on bass, and John Rudess on keyboards. This is a must for all fans of speedy licks, odd rhythms and heavy chops.