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the CD cover
This is a progressive metal band out of San Antonio, Texas, which uses melodic themes and intricate timing to establish its world of sound. Its members are Chris Salinas, vocals; David Gallegos, guitar; Andrew Sanchez, keyboards; Henry Sanchez, bass; and Alex Arellano, drums. With the goal to succeed and strive for new levels of musicianship, the music was born. Finding influences among bands such as DREAM THEATER, FATES WARNING and QUEENSRYCHE, they yield to a sound that is all their own.
POWER OF OMENS would like to help redefine progressive metal, in hopes of allowing a new breed of music to scream and be heard. Keep an open ear and an open mind, and allow us to take you through the world of
Their debut album Eyes of the Oracle from 1998 features nine songs, two of them are a short intro and an interlude somewhere in the middle. The rest is an unstoppable whirling cyclone of jaw-dropping, mouth-gapping technical progressive metal that you haven't heard before. Imagine DREAM THEATER's first album When Dream and Day Unite, imagine WATCHTOWER with their Control and Resistance, imagine FATES WARNING and Perfect Symmetry. Now, all these legendary recordings put together and multiplied ten times still don't match the sheer power and technical mayhem that POWER OF OMENS offers on their debut(!) album. To be frank, I am quite afraid what will follow in the future.
POWER OF OMENS could easily be the best progressive metal band ever! Not only are the members highly skilled and perform songs in the most extraordinary way, there's also the fact that all the songs carry certain emotions portrayed through the lyrics. This means that songs like Word on a Line, or Alone I Stand have this grandiose, almost majestic feeling inherit within, and are not only a showcase of incredible technical skills of the members.