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the CD cover
All of the Above  30:59  We All Need Some Light  5:45  Mystery Train  6:52 
My New World  16:16  In Held (Twas) In I   17:21
The natural creativity of a true artist is based upon two things. Firstly, there is the inspiration that comes from within, forged by inherited traits and shaped by one's growth and involvement within their chosen field. On the other hand, there is the spontaneous flow of ideas created by different artists inspiring each other at any one time. The creation of  S.M.P.Te., the debut album by the exciting new project TRANSATLANTIC, was a direct result of all the above.
Another super-group is born. And, this time it is for real! In all my experience with music I have never before heard such a remarkable ensemble of truly gifted and visionary musicians. Informally speaking, the shit blew me away, a thousand miles away!
TRANSATLANTIC is a true fore-runner of the new movement in progressive scene that has been apparent for quite some time now and is getting the wider recognition just now. The project features guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist Roine Stolt, otherwise known as the leading member of Scandinavian progressive rock outfit THE FLOWER KINGS, keyboarder, vocalist, guitarist Neal Morse, a multi-talented driving force behind the U.S. band SPOCK'S BEARD, extraordinary bass player Pete Trewavas of legendary UK band MARILLION, and drum wizard Mike Portnoy of DREAM THEATER.
TRANSATLANTIC fuses the best from all the four basic bands of the members. The poetic and mesmerising power of THE FLOWER KINGS, the highly expressive musical bravado of SPOCK'S BEARD, the pulsating and revitalised sharpness of DREAM THEATER, and the real experience of MARILLION. Fusing all of this into something that soon becomes larger than all of the components included.
It is always hard to review or describe a piece of music that I feel emotionally connected to. I cannot fully emphasise the vast expanse of musical ideas that this album brings forth. Each member shines with his own light, contributing a huge portion of fresh and innovative expression, just to mention the beautiful vocal scope of Neal Morse and Roine Stolt, their ingenious guitar work, intricate melodies, fine solos, a steady but pounding and surprising rhythm section where Pete shows a rather curious approach to playing bass, and the always captivating Mike on drums and percussion.
Once again, this is definitely the biggest progressive album of the nineties beating all other contenders with the greatest of ease. My personal favourites on this album is definitely My New World which is the optimal representation of this super-group. Hope this isn't an one-album project.
If you are serious about listening to progressive rock then TRANSATLANTIC is the best choice, highly recommended and an absolute must!
Hats off to INSIDEOUT Music for having an appreciation for such visionary music.