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( ©INSIDEOUT Music 2000 )
the newest album
At The End Of The Day  16:29  Revelation  6:05  Thoughts ( Pt.2 )  4:40  All On A Sunday  4:04 
Goodbye To Yesterday  4:40 The Great Nothing  27:04
Don't Try This At Home 
( ©INSIDEOUT Music 2000 )
the CD cover
Day for Night  8:03  Mouth of Madness   5:06   Skin  3:54  Gibberish  4:48  June   7:11
The Healing Colors of Music  20:00
Another fine release from this wonderful band. The high-quality recording captures the band at the peak of their performance. Don't Try This At Home is already the band's second live album following in the footsteps of a hugely popular The Beard Is Out There from 1997. This live album is a reasonable choice of more illustrious songs from various studio albums. The band is really putting a whole lot of energy and soul  into the music.
The band creates a very specific sound and has maintained it throughout its career. Perfect vocals, great harmonies and backing vocals, a lot of underlying keyboards, organ, synths, and mellotron, backed by a tight and strong rhythm section; technically speaking SPOCK'S BEARD has all the qualities of a big seventies band yet it lacks no modern flavour. The songs are all done in a very unique way, sometimes bordering on pop, sometimes leaning heavily onto the progressive side of rock. I haven't heard a band before SPOCK'S BEARD that can shift so easily through such diverse musical styles. I have always been a sucker for pop music, the real pop music which includes superb production, innovative ideas, harmonies that are so specific for this particular musical genre. And, I have always been a real sucker for highly progressive form of rock, hard-rock music with its high level of musical craftsmanship, introspective ideas, smart lyricism, and reckless abandon that is sometimes really unbelievable.
This album is defined by clear sound, really cool production and captures a real vibe, a live feel to this great band. I don't exaggerate if I say that SPOCK'S BEARD is clearly defining the sound and image of  progressive rock in this new millennium.
Believe me, it is easy to become a fan of this really cool band. Never repeating, never boring, there is always something behind the corner just waiting to grab your attention and blow your mind away. As the studio albums, so are the live recordings a true reflection of the band's extraordinary power.
This is history in the making, a true heritage. Be sure not to miss it!