Welcome to the Internet edition of UNITED Fanzine.
Our home-page now features a brief introduction to our Webzine, who we are, where we come from, how long have we been around, that kind of thing! And finally, he has returned, the editor of UNITED Fanzine, Musto Delic. Back in the game and already working on huge presentations of three very important record labels he has contacted recently: FRONTIERS Records from Italy, DWELL Records from California, and PERRIS Records from Texas. The reviews and information are available via the given links. I have also prepared a newsletter edition of UNITED Fanzine. The issue no.2 is out now, thusly becoming a forthnight release. Anyone who wishes to get a copy and is not on the mailing list, please send an e-mail!
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I would like to prolong my sincere thanks and deepest respect to the guys from INSIDEOUT Music ( Matt Goodluck ), and LIMB Music Products&Publishing ( Limb Schnoor ) from Germany. It is their relentless enthusiasm and devout dedication to high-quality progressive music that keeps my motors running in full throttle. There is no doubt that these guys run two of  the best European labels for progressive genre. Keep up the monumental work, guys!
In memoriam of...ROLY WYNNE (199?-1999)
The original bass player and one of two brothers, who have founded OZRIC TENTACLES back in 1984, has passed away at the end of 1999. He will be greatly missed and his tragic death a constant reminder. Saddened as I am, there is still comfort in the fact that Roly left a huge legacy behind him. All the beautiful music...
Rest in peace, you tortured soul, and I hope you are jamming right now with Jaco  :)
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